“I enjoyed everything and have gained a lot of knowledge from the panellists, to the open conversations and topics spoke about.”

“Seeing a person of colour as a successful practitioner, learning about therapy and how to help friends.”

“Listening to the panellists was very useful as it inspired me to stay positive and keep on striving even during difficult times.”

“The empathetic theme throughout by demonstrating a platform for young men to express themselves.”

“The depth of the conversation, I could relate to some of the topics discussed and hearing about solutions to break down barriers.”

~ TGN Made Men Guests 2018


Overview of TGN Made Men 2018

Following the success of Made Men 2017, we saw how invaluable this experience was for our guests and due to their response, we formally committed to hosting Made Men on an annual basis. 

In 2018, we partnered with emerging youth organisation STEP NOW to celebrate black British males in our community! The evening was held at a prime location in Old Street at the We Work building on Corsham Street. 

For this event we honoured Derick Dickson - Banking Project Manager, the self rehabilitated Nana Asante - Commercial Property Professional, UK Black Business Show Founder -  Raphael Sofoluke and Solomon Fagbayi co-Founder of STEP NOW. The evening was hosted by former Made Men volunteer David Agyemang with professional therapist Hendrix Hammond as our keynote speaker and Jermaine Wong as our captivating performer.

MADE MEN 2018.jpg

Check out the TGN Made Men 2018 eBooklet here

This publication features advise from the men honoured on the night with further insight.


Special Thanks

We would like to say a special thanks to those that attended and contributed to making this event happen. 

Special thanks go to our event supporters (in no particular order):

We Work - Corsham Street, David Agyemang, Hendrix Hammond, Jermaine Wong, Derick Dickson, Nana Asante, Raphael Sofoluke, Solomon Fagbayi, International Men's Day, STEP NOW, Illyoustrate, Lakey, Prestige M, Creative Cake Designs, Men's Advice, Passion, Candy  Desires, Melanin Adventures, A Fuller Beard, IC-FREE, Quality HQ, Phoebe Williams, Sarah Aluko, Sedem Ama, Shanice Mantey.


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