Providing recognition and support from boy to man to gentleman.

~ The Gentlemen's Network



The Gentlemen's Network is an organisation for the male community inspiring and supporting males through the transition from boy to man to gentleman. 

We aim to challenge the stereotypes surrounding young black/ethnic minorities whilst raising aspirations and identifying those excelling beyond their potential.

We believe the demand for more male recognition and male role models in our community has grown over the years. Although this is a man’s world, we believe males also need a support system for their development in all aspects of life.

Through our campaigns and initiatives we hope to create a support network for those wanting to be successful in life, recognising their achievements and encouraging a ‘brotherly’ relationship between them especially those that may not have positive male influences within their immediate networks. 

We would like to create an environment where males can feel comfortable to discuss/address the issues they may face in life, receiving advice and guidance on how they can persevere and support one another. We also hope to work with adolescents in order to help raise their aspirations and show them that there are local role models around them. 


TGN Made Men

"Black men who have succeeded have an obligation to serve as role models for young men entrapped by a vicious cycle of poverty, despair and hopelessness." ~ Benjamin L. Hooks

TGN Made Men is an event hosted by The Gentlemen’s Network to celebrate International Men’s Day. We do this by recognising positive black males that lead by example and inspire the next generation...


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