by First Lady


Man Thoughts was written by poet First Lady, a dear friend to The Gentlemen's Network back in 2015 when we first discussed the concept of what #TGN stands for. Below you will find her heartfelt response, please share and let us know what thoughts come to mind.

"I'm a man to my family. A boy to society and statistic to the system #ItsAScandal


I've been brought up learning, "that I can't let them see me cry as I'm a #Man". So when hard times occur and I want to cry out for help, I struggle, I suffocate and instead I cry in #Misunderstood. I disagree with this theology. God gave us eyes for the vision and tears to tell our story.


"You are built for this" says society, as if I wasn't built with the same eyes and tear ducks like a woman.  I'm human first and then a man.  Society want sensitive guys, but do not want us to endorse our emotion #SelfControl. As if we're robots, when we came from the same human womb.


"Jack of all trades" says my peers, "You need to know how to make money and be the breadwinner". 

#1 rule; Lead never follow. But they forgot the disclaimer, of where it states to be a good leader you need to be a good servant. Like the saying goes, to be a good communicator, you need to be a good listener.


"You've been put here as Bob the builder to fix things , a man of many talents" says my elders. 

But who is here to show me how, with so many absent fathers physically and mentally. So who do I run to? I look to Him, my Jehovah Nireh (the creator of my being) Faith shows me what tools to use and His love builds my foundation.


Looking from the outside in, I've witnessed the media paint negativity against men. They come together to put our gender down, instead of rising us up. Can someone tell me where's our Maya Angelou in this generation #StillIRise. 


I'm tired of gym pics, flashy cars and stacks of bread. I wanna see less selfies of gimics and real photography of realities; men winning by making a difference, men being an activist for positive change, a chaser of dreams and model for success in their gifts and talents.


It's never too late to wake up and make your idea a reality, there's no time for sleep walking. I wanna see more OBE's and less selfies.


So the question still ponders my mind daily, what is it to be a man? When does the world view me as a man and not a boy?


To be a brother I am  to be a role model

To be father I am to love

To be a son I am to obedient

To be a husband I am to provide

However, To 'be' a man, I have to have responsibility #Manhood

My muscles, don't qualify my stature, Never does the change in my pocket, signal my success my car keys doesn't show my wealth. Neither does my clothes embody status. 

If you ask Adam in the beginning, he was born a man and the funny thing is, he skipped childhood and God gave him manhood, when He gave him responsibility.

I am responsible for my actions in life and that's what makes me a man."

First Lady 


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